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How To Start Facebook Droshipping

Facebook Marketplace is most profitable selling channels for Facebook dropshipping business. Dropshipper recently start using it is an additional platform for expanding their dropshipping business. Facebook Marketplace it not new, There are not so many dropshipper on Facebook marketplace, As of now and the organic traffic andsales are through the roof

Facebook Dropshipping

Now is the perfect time start dropshipping on Facebook marketplace and start generate revenue from your facebook dropshipping business If you want start dropshipping on the Facebook marketplace but you have no idea how to start Facebook dropshipping business. This guide you wall to through all it become fun and rewarding, The step from having no prior knowledge to getting your first sales from Facebook marketplace .

What Is Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping?

Facebook marketplace completely new to dropshipping, let's first cover the basics, Dropshipping is way of selling item without initial investment . There are three parties involved in the dropshipping business model :
  1. A supplier or manufacturer
  2. You ( Dropshipping )
  3. A customers

How dose it all work ?

  • A customer purchases a product from your dropshipping store.
  • You place this order with your buyer information from your chosen supplier.
  • The supplier ship the product

  • Your don't need to invest in stock , store inventory or deal with any shipping company. Power of Facebook's ability to direct a ton offree organic trafficto your store on the marketplace, The facebook marketplace is one of the best under the radar selling channel to expend your Facebook dropshipping business. you are complete new to dropshipping or you want scale your dropshipping business by selling new selling channel so this guide for you . Here we talk about all necessary step for success Facebook dropshipping business, you also learn how to start Walmart dropshipping business , amazon dropshipping business , eBay dropshipping business. From how to find out hot selling item for sell. listing your first item in your dropshipping store ,

    Find Hot Selling Item For Your Facebook Marketplace

    Finding good selling productthat will sell in the first step toward a successful Facebook dropshipping store. Because Facebook marketplace dropshipping is relatively new. your need finding product that will sell is far less difficult than other selling channels such as eBay or Shopify. Withhardly any competitionfor dropshipping on the Facebook marketplace, we caneasily find hot selling productsto sell by looking up best-selling items on sites likeAmazonorWalmart. Unlikely eBay, have more than thousands of dropshipper sell there item , Facebook open new window of opportunity door Finding best selling item , for example we can find out best selling product on Amazon home page . See on image below Then, the ‘Movers and Shakers’ section will show us hot selling item in the first couple of days. This is great opportunity to catch new risingtrends . Don't forget to select only categories and item that are fit for your dropshipping business model . if you are not expert How to find out best selling item for dropshipping so hire our eCommerce virtual assistant .

    Best Sellers & Listing With Good Reviews

    Home and kitchen is most popular category with plenty of items considered safe for dropshipping. After clicking ‘Movers and Shakers,’ we can select ‘Home and Kitchen’ on the left column. Then, select an item. Dropshipper also finding best selling item from walmart.com for their Facebook store Open the drop-down menu located at the top left and select a department ( home and kitachen ) Next , select an category . To illustrate, let’s pick the ‘Kitchen Dining’ category. Then, select a subcategory within ‘Kitchen Dining’ and select an item.

    The HVATEAM eCommerce Dropshipping Expert find out best selling, Profitable item for your Facebook store , Hvateam Virtual assistant have list of supplier millions of products that are best selling item and profitable each item ROI 20-30%

    walmart best selling item_Facebook dropshipping

    What Product Not Allowed Sales On Facebook Marketplace

    When our virtual assistant research product for dropshipping ( Walmart , amazon , eBay , Facebook ) we keep mind which product cannot dropship on Facebook Marketplace. Same thing we doing for Amazon dropshipping , Walmart dropshipping eBay dropshipping. Some prominent types of prohibited products include animals, bodily fluids, etc. other prohibited items may not be so apparent to us as dropshippers. In fact,Facebook’s commerce policycontains a list of twenty-fivecategories that are not permitted on the platform. Violating these policies may affect our ability to sell on the marketplace in the future. Some examples include:

    From item prohibited byFacebook’s specific policies . many other item. and things can't be dropshipped or re-sold anywhere .HVATEAM have list of such item in its database for our convenience and protection.

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